Digital Nomad Kit Certificate

Podcast Management

You love recording your podcast but always get stuck on the postproduction? No need to worry.

You supply the audio files, I’ll do the rest. I will take care of the audio editing, adding the intro & outro, creation of show notes, providing an audiogram, and of course the episode upload.

Want even more exposure for your podcast? Then I’m happy to also create an audiogram, episode artwork or video for you.


from $708

Strategy Meeting of 60 min.
Workbook & Concept Planning
Trailer + 2 Episodes
Audio Editing
Adding Intro & Outro
Show Notes
Episode Upload
Embedding On The Website
Podcast Cover Creation

from $130

For up to 30 min. raw material

Raw Audio Editing
Detail Content Editing (ums, stutters, coughs, etc.)
Adding Intro & Outro
Show Notes
Episode Upload
For up to 45 min. raw material Cost: $150

from $27

Audiogram - $27
Episode Artwork - $68
New Podcast Cover - $98
New Intro & Outro - $98 (licensed music provided by client)
Social Media Video - $155